Hi I'm Jeff 👋🏻!

I Commission 100% Organic Cotton Shirts Made By Groceries Apparel in Los Angeles. Then, I Either Illustrate Ridiculous Ideas Myself Or Collaborate with Spectacular Artists From Around The World To Bring My Ideas To Life With Original Illustrations. I Get The Shirts Printed By Silkscreening or Direct To Garment. Then The Shirts Become Available For A Limited Number Of Everyone– I Offer Them Here For Humans Who Wouldn't Mind Having Some Fun On Their Clothing!

All Words, Opinions, And Perspectives On This Site Are My Own. I Am Not An Affiliate Of Any Company And If I Mention An Item On My Blog It Is Because I Use It Or Because I Will Be Using It In The Future And Want To Keep You Updated On My Life's Happenings.


EYENSTEIN the smartest man in Bogantown




I Encourage Usage Of Words By Mouths To Communicate Rather Than Social Media Platforms

"I'd like to encourage direct, in-person (or nowadays, Zoom?) speech between humans instead of text updates through social media. "words by mouths" is my way of saying that in, a confusing (but, fun?) way... Only realizing that may be the case after I had the stickers made, does anyone want some stickers?" - Jeff

Thank you for being here on this site and here on this Earth!

I'm taking an alternate route here in not utilizing social media and being on my email or text message list is the exclusive way I can update you on happenings!

Some people say not being on social media is a mistake. I say I'm not doing it anyway.

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Last and definitely not least, I don't have tracking enabled on my site because I value your privacy. There is a PayPal tracker on the product page that I didn't setup that I don't know how to deactivate!

... and I will learn how to get rid of that one so this site can be completely tracker free! Maybe it's as simple as deactivating the Paypal method of payment. I will try that.