is the place where my version of ridiculousness gets put on healthy-for-humans and environmentally-conscious clothing. I'm here to have fun, share my creations and connect with you! 

This Is A Site For My Clothing...

and my goal in life is to promote the health of humans everywhere. I want to add my perspectives about life and promote functional medicine to increase people's mental and physical health. Perhaps my thoughts could be an accelerant to new thoughts and ideas along your path. 

This clothing line is the first step in combining health with my love of art and fashion. It is also just the beginning to larger ideas and collaborations with my goal of increasing human health as the primary focus. 

Shirts Manufactured By Groceries Apparel And Are Always

All Printed And Packing Materials By And And Are Always

"I care about the mental and physical health of humans so being on the email or text message list is the exclusive way I will update you because I don't appreciate how social media manipulates the brain and I won't be contributing to it." -Jeff

I Encourage Usage Of Words By Mouths To Communicate Rather Than Social Media Platforms

"I'd like to encourage in-person speech between humans, "words by mouths" is my way of saying that in, a confusing (but, fun?) way... Only realizing that may be the case after I had the stickers made, does anyone want some stickers?" - Jeff

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Thank you for being here!