I thought I would share a personal update about my health and well-being.

After about 3 months of having a mindset drawn more towards negativity due to me adjusting to the lack of thyroid medication I can say that as of December 24th, I have been consistently feeing the best, strongest, most positive, happiest, and I possess the most energy that I have ever had without any dips throughout the day. My diet and lifestyle, I feel, are the sole reason that I have had these results- Food makes an important difference in the body and if the food supports robust cellular health the body will respond in kind. I am more happy, productive, and have so many more smiles per day than I used to just some short months ago. 

Also, I returned the Cinder grill because I liked it but didn't love it. I am back to baking my meat and I'm very content. I am still experimenting with cream and coffee. It seems to be going fairly well. I think it would be better if I stopped it for good though. 

My friend got some Wagyu steaks and I will be consuming it with him on Friday!

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you.

Written while listening to Dio's "Faces In The Window" if you're interested. 


Written by Jeff Bushaw

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