Cinder Grilllllll

I received my Cinder grill yesterday, if you're interested, and I cooked a ribeye steak on it in the afternoon. It went smoothly and the operation was simple. The steak came out at 131º F, exactly where I set it, when I double checked the temperature with a Thermapen, which are wonderful thermometers, also if you're interested. I then followed the instructions to sear- I took the steak off the heating plates and wiped them dry. I turned the knob clockwise to searing temperature and pressed the button, which is also the knob, it's doing double duty. Once it was heated I put the steak back on, closed the lid, and pressed my favorite buttonknob and the 45 second timer started. The searing process was about 94% smoke free and I could have seared it for a little longer. I enjoyed the steak and I will season it with Redmond Real Salt prior to cooking next time, because I forgot the last time. 

I am now slow cooking 2.18LBS of beef belly on it and they are set to be done a 6:30pm California Time, after 6 hours of cooking at 165º F. 

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, I appreciate you! 

Written while listening to Onmyouza's "Soukoku"