Constipated update, Constipated intestines!

Helloooooo!!!! It has been a while since I have written. A lot has been going on in life but not a lot has been going on in the bowels! I am constipated due to my diet alteration. I have shocked the gut bacteria enough and I have increased the amount of fat I am consuming that my biology is holding onto the excrement that I would rather eject! We will see what happens, it's been about a month which is a week or so longer that the transition was when I transitioned to a ketogenic diet (no keto flu or cramps this time because I achieved metabolic flexibility on my last diet). I know it's years later and my microbiome is very different. If I could sit all trillions of bacteria down and tell them my intestines will absorb unhelpful elements from my poo if it sits inside of me for too long, I would. For now I will have to wait until they understand the information-in-the-form-of-food that I am giving them.

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