3:39PM Orange County, California Time

Ooh goodness gracious I forgot to post again! On my mind is a ribeye steak, honey, sleep, and the X3 bar. 

I did my first workout with my new X3 bar from Jaquish Biomedical. It was a tiring, and wonderful experience. Even though I presently exhibit the musculature of a 12 year old boy, I have experience with traditional weight lifting and had been in the atmosphere for almost 20 years. I loved it. So much that sometimes I spent up to 2.5 hours with a trainer 3 times a week. I loved the transformation my body underwent and I am looking forward to going through that transformation again on the carnivore diet! 

Details soon? Yes, if I remember! 

If you're curious - https://www.jaquishbiomedical.com/x3-bar/

I'll be cooking a ribeye from U.S. Wellness Meats in a few minutes and afterward eating about 20 grams of 20+ Manuka Honey from Manukora. 

Written by Jeff Bushaw