12:03PM Orange County, California Time

Huzzah, this is the closest to 12PM I have began writing!! 

I am so inspired by NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts. I don't know what it is... maybe it's the small, intimate setting. Maybe it's the acoustic instruments. Maybe it's because I haven't heard of many of the artists. Maybe it's all of that combined. Regardless of the reasons I appreciate the immense talent that each of the artists possessed. I additionally appreciate the production crew for being able to optimize the equipment, levels, and setting to capture such rich sounds. 


Going to do a "Pull Day" workout with the X3 – Deadlifts, bicep curls, bent over row, and calf raises. 

And later continuing my journey into Joe Rogan's podcast with Graham Hancock about ancient civilizations! 


Written by Jeff Bushaw