3:24PM Orange County, California Time

I have spent most of today writing and planning my welcome video for this site. I have also been gathering my original drawings and sketches of the new shirt's character T.Recks for his debut at the end of this month or beginning of September.

I had 7 hours of sleep last night and while it's not as much as I'd like it is more than I've gotten lately so I'm appreciative. 

Written while listening to EGO-WRAPPIN'S "Nervous Breakdown" which is a little too jazzy-sounding for me. There is also a good amount of the kind of singing that is yelling, which I would like to categorize plainly as yelling. It seems as if I will be listening to the whole song because I'm not being proactive in changing it. 

I have also eaten a steak which soon will turn into two. Tonight I'll also have some liver, heart, fish eggs, and some colostrum. 

I appreciate you!  

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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