3:47PM Orange County, California Time

When I was writing the title for this post I realized I had forgotten what DTANAPANHEIIR stood for, even though I now can write these titles out by memory. It turns out it stands for"Daily Thoughts At Noon Also Posted At Noon Hopefully Everyday If I Remember." Now that I have such consistency posting I feel like it may be time to transition away from this title and come up with dynamic-and-relevant-to-the-post titles. So I will be thinking about that. Also I've been thinking of adding pictures. 

I recently acquired lifting straps and a light lifting weight belt and I will be testing them out with the X3 starting tomorrow. I am having trouble moving up in bands and holding onto the bar for the higher reps when I am doing the "pulling" exercises. The instruction is if you can go up to 40 full reps in one set it's time for a new band. I suspect I'll be moving up on my deadlift, calf raises, and perhaps my chest press. I was going to try to use X3 without a belt however with my squats and deadlifts I feel my form fall apart a little over halfway through my set even though my muscles aren't exhausted yet. Anyway, I'll see how these new additions go! 

In other news I am still planning and writing, and looking forward to the shirt release!

Written while listening to "Forest Burning Beautifully" by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

I appreciate you!