11:57AM Orange County, California Time

There is a farm I love called Diamond Mountain Ranch in Northern California that has a site called Buyranchdirect.com, https://buyranchdirect.com. I just ordered several pounds of ribeye steaks and a Wagyu ribeye as a gift to myself for graduating the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, or, FMCA. I will now have the opportunity to put the title 'FMCHC' after my name that may make me appear so much more professional than my number one character strength of humor will allow me to be. This is a free survey to let you know what your configuration of character strengths are, https://www.viacharacter.org, if you are interested. If you get your results I would love to know, email me and perhaps we can have a talk about them! j@clothingonhumans.com! There have been studies done showing that using your top 5 character strengths daily in different ways will produce a happier you! 

Written while on 4.5 hours of sleep (ugh), a little delirious, drinking water, eating honey, preparing to do as many squats as possible, looking very forward to an 8PM Zoom call, and listening to "Someday" by Tatsuro Yamashita. 

Written by Jeff Bushaw