4:08PM Orange County, California Time

Since I didn't accurately calculate how many steaks I had left before reordering I ran out yesterday morning, so, I had suet, beef heart, and liver for dinner, at 5pm or 6pm yesterday. I have been fasting since then until I ate a spoonful of Manuka honey at 3:50pm and at 4:00pm my Wagyu steak is just now cooking. I have been pretty hungry today and am thankful that FedEx delivered the steaks earlier than the 8pm deadline they could have delivered them at.   

I worked out as well, I tried a higher band for my deadlift today on the X3 and I was able to manage 6 reps before I thought my lower back wouldn't be able to handle it, I think my muscles could have gone to at least 10 reps. I lowered the band and continued the deadlifts to I think 30 reps. All other push exercises were pretty successful, my biceps are very fatigued, as are my calves. My back was tired as well however I think I could push for another set. 

Written while starving, feeling cognitively incapable, and listening to "Profiles In The Wind" by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Speaking of which I would like to return to Japan one day soon.

Today I feel like El DeBarge, the one in red. Which member do you feel like?

I appreciate you!  

Written by Jeff Bushaw