6:33PM Orange County, California Time

In the pursuit of being as productive as I can be I took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon, or arvo, in Australian slang. Now many people wouldn't call a nap productive, including me, however there is a silver lining here- and that is when I wake up I tend to be really productive in the nighttime. Is it because I lack so much sleep in the morning that I take arvo naps? Maybe. I don't desire these naps, they happen because I am too tired to resist. So, I will continue to try to get so much sleep at night naps aren't an activity that I participate in. I have heard some research purporting that naps are beneficial and I do feel the benefits however I have also been on the other side of this optimal sleep paradox where my sleep was so good and my nutrition was working for me that I had a daily abundance of morning to night energy and productivity. My desire is to get back there, or get to an even better place. 

Have you eaten yet?

Written while cooking Buyranchdirect steaks, hungry, and listening to "Shiny Lady" by Hiroshi Satou, https://youtu.be/bcXU2fdaijk?t=793, if you're interested. 

I appreciate you!!

Written by Jeff Bushaw