11:09AM Orange County, California Time

I am preparing myself to shoot a few videos and some stills tomorrow with Yoko. Today I am deciding on locations and finishing up writing down talking points. Then it's onto the memorization portion which I think will take place between 6 - 7 tonight. We'll see. The shirt release is getting closer however slowly.

I got some pretty good sleep last night according to my Oura Ring, it was a sleep and readiness score in the 80's, a number I see seldom these days. I am looking to continue this upward sleep trajectory going forward. Also I will be doing a 'pull day' on the X3 today so bent over rows, bicep curls, deadlifts, and calf raises is what I will be getting into today. I would love to praise the X3 and eating style for my very welcomed weight gain! I started the carnivore diet a year ago around September 12th and I weighed 130LBS. Now after a year and 5 weeks on X3 I am 146LBS, and I can see my body composition changing to be more lean and muscular. I would like to get to my previous weight when I was weight training which was 185, then maybe to 200? We shall see.  

Written while pretty hungry and listening to "Mystical Composer" by Momoko Kikuchi https://youtu.be/YP_C3fJsSa4?t=851 if you're interested. Also, I found this episode of Fundamental Health pretty exciting https://youtu.be/Pc_Ukawb0ro.

I appreciate you! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw