7:50PM Orange County, California Time

Today was shoot day. I woke up later than I wanted to at around 9:15am, didn't feel as outstanding as I could have, took a shower, got ready, filled my water bottle, and left to pick Yoko up. Once I collected Yoko we drove down to the location and arrived at around 12:30pm. I noticed there was a security guard present and I spoke to him, notified him of my intentions, told him my timeframe, and asked how he felt about it. I then asked how he was and how his day was going. He was a very nice human and it would be nice to have a conversation with him again. In fact the location had a surprising amount of security and all of the people that came into our atmosphere were incredibly nice and supportive, as were the people that passed us by. And while the people, the sun, and location were delightful the wind was not. I was hoping that it would be a more calm day and it was on and off but not 'off' enough. I didn't have a backup location and we shot there for a few hours. We got some great stuff, I think, however we eventually submitted to the forces of nature because the wind was too strong in the microphone to make the sound workout well. I also think I got a little sunburnt. In addition to the above I didn't have all of my text memorized as much as I wanted. I was doing pretty well with it after a little however when we listened to the playback heard how bad the audio was. After I got home at around 5, I had my first steak of the day. 

SO! New plan to reshoot somewhere at sometime after a few days of memorizing my text. Sometimes this is how it goes, and since I believe in what I'm doing today's shoot was what it was and we'll be back at it again and make it better than today! I didn't want this post to sound like a rant because I really don't feel that way, I just wanted to detail what happened in the day. So I hope it didn't sound like a rant. 

Written while listening to the fan of my laptop and patiently awaiting my video call at 8pm.  

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you.

Written by Jeff Bushaw