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As of today for the past three days I've gotten higher sleep scores than I have in the past year. The only thing that really changed was the subtraction of my thyroid medication. I ran out of pills and decided not to pick them up last Friday and on that night I got a high in-the-80's sleep score from my Oura Ring https://ouraring.com, if you're interested. Since my numbers looked so great on my last set of labs I asked the doctor if I could fiiiiiinally get off of the medication and she told me to wait until my gut protocol was over. And while I see her logic and somewhat agree my body seems to be telling me differently a different logic. Since my body has so positively reacted to the lack of exogenous hormone I think I'm going to hang out and experiment with not taking the pills for a little while. I'll see how I feel, it would help if I kept a log of life-happenings. Then perhaps I'll get another panel done to see where I am. One thing to note is that I don't feel as cognitive capable as I have in the past. I am thinking that it is my body getting used to higher sleep because it is in such contrast to the dreadful amount of sleep I have gotten in the recent past. 

If you are on medication I am not telling you to stop it however if you feel like you'd like a consult with a practitioner, to see if you can stop it in the Functional Medicine community, which is much much more helpful than the traditional western medical community please check out The Institute For Functional Medicine, https://www.ifm.org, and check out their Find A Practitioner page, https://www.ifm.org/find-a-practitioner/ to find someone you may be comfortable with. Or, please reach out to me and I will do my best to support you, I don't have a site for my health coaching practice yet however I have the email setup, it is j@promotinghumans.com, which is HIPAA compliant. Most medications are doing the opposite of improving our health and supporting people's health goals is the reason I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. 

Written with a tinge of back pain from squats, which isn't great, and listening to "Unyielding Spirits" by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. 

I appreciate you. I don't look at analytics but I was on my Shopify homepage and a card there says that over 100 people have visited this blog. I am both grateful and very curious how "over 100" people even found this blog. I know it's on my site so I'll expand my question to "how did over 100 people even find my site?"

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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