12:03PM Orange County, California Time

Last night I received an enjoyable yet semi-cryptic iMessage from a best friend that read "2 hours and 55 minutes till it hits midnight :)" and I looked at it for a moment, then tried to recall our recent conversation history to see if I could figure out what it meant. I thought and was still puzzled. After a few minutes I sent a message back asking "Hellooooo what happens at midnight?" and she notified me that I was running out of time to post in my blog for the day. I think I saw that message after my (very wonderful) nighttime Zoom call at almost 12, so I missed the day. I had started a post, saved it, and didn't publish. This friend is supportive in every sense of the word supportive. Thank you to all of the friends of people in the world that support their friends without judgement and with unconditional love! 

Written while eating one of the best steaks on Earth and I say that because this is the kind of steak I want to put in my mouth before the steak that's already in my mouth is swallowed. Annnd while listening to "Ride On Time" by Tatsuro Yamashita! 

Today I have blocked off the entire day to pack shirts. Email blast to come soon! 

I appreciate you! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw