8:54PM Orange County, California Time

As the title suggests I almost forgot to post again and if I hadn't gotten that semi-however-now-fully-understood cryptic message I more than likely would have forgotten altogether. It is now that I am reminded of my focus being taken to too many places. Lately I have been folding boxes, and packing shirts. I will have a public update on what is going on with the shirts early next week. 

As for tomorrow I made plans with a beloved friend to call and/or email doctor's offices to see how they would feel about health coach services. So I will be spending many hours getting acquainted with the offices in Southern California. 

Written while full from steak and listening to Tatsuro Yamashita's "That Bewitching Scent" https://youtu.be/_slA5NARQvY if you're interested.  

I appreciate you and thank you to my friend for reminding me, again!

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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