DTANAPANHEIIR 51 - Things To Do, Blogs To Almost Forget To Write!

8:59PM Orange County, California Time

It almost happened again. It was the same best friend whom reminded me. At this point it would be helpful to set a daily reminder however that would make the words "If I Remember" which are the "IIR" in "DTANAPANHEIIR" nonsense! I haven't been remembering though, so I don't know the proper course of action here. I like to keep these dynamically written and setting a timer sounds less spontaneous and more, exactly, like planned.

I have been occupied today with steaks and calling clinics to see if a health coach is someone that would add value to their operation. I found that a holiday weekend is not the best time to call as two thirds of them were closed. So, I will be spending the weekend making a "Why Work With Me" PDF to send to the clinics I did get on the phone, by Tuesday. Later on I will be building a site for my coaching company! I'm excited to being this journey! 

I still appreciate you!

Written while listening to "Hatsukoi" by Toshiki Kadomatsu