DTANAPANHEIIR 55 - The Day I almost Skipped Over!

4:35PM Orange County, California Time

I accidentally gave yesterday the credit for being day 55 when in fact today is day 55! How did I find this out, you may inquire? The credit goes to the same semi-cryptic, very helpful, very wonderful, very caring friend that has supported me so much in the past!! Thank you again!!! I wish everyone on Earth a friend like her! 

Time has gone so swiftly today. I woke up later than I wanted to, at around 9:40! Then visited with my mom, then ate, then had a Zoom call at 12. Then I did an X3 workout. My back is still in a little pain so the workout took longer than it would have usually. I'm looking forward to getting on track and doing some workstuffs, eating another steak, and having a Zoom call at 8. 

The biggest thing in my life in the past few hours was the idea to put honey in the refrigerator...so I did, and then sampled a little- The UMF 20+ Manuka honey from PRI came first, it was different and delicious. The honey from Primal Pastures came next, I found it was also different and delicious. I was surprised how much the experience differed between cold and room temperature honey; it seemed to me that the taste and consistency both changed along with the temperature. If you would like a tasty experiment see which temperature you like better then let me know which DeBarge members most reflect your opinion!....or just send me an email to let me know in your own words. j@clothingonhumans.com

Written while listening to "Close Up" by Hiromi Iwasaki. 

I appreciate you! And I type "I appreciate you" in every post individually because I mean it!