6:30PM Orange County, California Time

While I cook a steak I am writing this post. I have about 25 minutes to go so I can write as slooooowly as I'd like up until when the steak is done. I had a few outstanding phone calls today with friends, which I appreciate. I am looking forward to a night... hold on... I hear activity in the oven.... ok I'm back. The steak is a fattier one and fat is melting and popping a little; as long as it doesn't get too rambunctious I will be able to continue writing undisturbed. I am looking forward to a night of looking up clinics to send my PDF to. I sent 2 emails out today then the time up until now was used for other things, including an unintentional nap after a workout and honey. Cold honey is still incredible, I ate some today. I very much prefer the Primal Pastures honey cold over the Manuka today. 

Additionally I have some other emails to get back to that I will be focusing on tonight while probably listening to some music. I don't know what kind of music, maybe Coheed and Cambria. I saw them in concert once, it was nice. I don't go to many concerts in my life and for some reason I went there. Speaking of concerts Christopher Cross will be playing nearby on March 31 of 2021. That I would also go to and coincidentally it's at the same place Coheed and Cambria played, The Grove of Anaheim. 

Where will I be in March of 2021? What will I be doing? Where will you be, and what will you be doing? It's exciting to me to think and plan for the future. I hope to be:

a) Still alive

b) Having fun

c) Eating steaks

d) Living in a wonderful place with wonderful people 

e) Doing a business that I love doing 

f) being with people I love 

Written while listening to the sound of the oven's fan. 

I appreciate you! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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