DTANAPANHEIIR 56 - The Steak That Almost Didn't Get Into My System Until Later

5:07PM Orange County, California Time

I ordered steaks and they were set to arrive today which is great because I was waiting for them to eat. As I tracked them a red circle came up on the transit timeline that usually isn't there. It didn't help that there was an exclamation point knocked out of the circle. I tapped "details" and the FedEx site was all like "the shipment missed the truck this morning" so I'm all like "oh this won't get here by the guaranteed 10:30AM time." And because of that the steaks for here after 2:30 and I ate at nearly 4. I don't know if I will have a dinner tonight although I feel like I could eat another steak right now. I know what I can definitely eat now, refrigerated honey. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh... amirite?

Written while listening to "My Last Farewell" transitioning into "Wherever You Are" by GALNERYUS. The band name is spelled correctly and I have no idea how to correctly pronounce it and I haven't looked it up. "Galneyriyoos" is how I pronounce it if I have to. 

I appreciate you!