5:37PM Orange County, California Time

Hello, friends! I am in the process of writing an email to clinics to find out if I can support people within their practice! I hope that I am able to speak to as many people as possible to support them on their journey. We shall see. I very quickly put up a new site that has basic information to illustrate that I am a real person and not just a name in an email! 

In shirt news, I will be sending an email to my mailing list next week! 

Oh, and I ate some chilled honey today, which I still very much love. I'm going to put salt on it next and see how that tastes. 

Written while listening to "Daydream" by Tatsuro Yamashita, whom I have found to be one of the best 80's Japanese City Pop artists ever to sing. https://youtu.be/g2Y2QFgbcs0, if you're interested. 

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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