4:08PM Orange County, California Time

Another message came through last night from the semi-cryptic-message-sending friend and it was to tell me that I mislabeled my days. I put the number 56 twice so my blog read 56, 57, 56, and now into day 59. So I thanked her and corrected my numbering error. I thank her again like I have so many times in my time of knowing her! THANK YOU!!

Today I feel a little low in energy. I had an over abundance of sleep and I've been pretty sedentary, I think that may be why. It may also be my body adjusting to the lack of thyroid medication. I keep close watch on how my body feels day to day and I am definitely feeling something. What will be most helpful is paying attention to my mindset and see if my internal dialogue alters; I am usually very positive and if that dissolves for too long there may be an issue. And my left shoulder doesn't feel like working out today so I am skipping today unfortunately. 

Written while listening to nothing but the hum of a refrigerator and a loud vehicle that just passed. 

I appreciate you! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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