12:00PM Orange County, California Time

As you may have noticed I missed a few days her on the blog. Since feeling lower in energy the past few days I felt like doing some creative things! It has been a favorite activity of mine for the past few decades to draw myself in various states of ridiculousness and that is what I used about 12 hours over the past few days to do. Please enjoy the image. I drew it in blue pencil which doesn't photograph or scan well.

In addition to artwork I continued writing the story to my graphic novel, which I will hopefully make someday.

I will be calling and emailing clinics today and then having a much anticipated Zoom call at 8! ! !

Other than that I have been eating steaks, cold honey, listening to some music, and slowly doing workouts again because of my back and shoulder.

Written while listening to nothing at first then putting on "Future Never Dies" by GALNERYUS.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you! 

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Written by Jeff Bushaw