9:59PM Orange County, California Time

OOH goodness I missed Sunday! 

As I get tired because I get tired at around 10PM I have so many web pages open, from pages relevant to ClothingOnHUmans to Promoting Humans, to personal health-related pages. I have noticed that with too many pages open I tend to get overwhelmed and productivity seems to go way down. I don't do well splitting my attention and I have noticed that I can be great at something if I am focused. And that goes for anyone on Earth- if we can see what is important and maintain focus with a certain amount of consistent intensity we can achieve a lot, and go where we want to go. I currently have 4 desktops, 1 full screen Pages document, Apple Music going, and 11 Safari windows open, some with more than a few tabs open. I think what I will do is close most of what I've got and try to narrow my focus. 

Oh yes and I haven't worked out in daaaaaaayz, with a 'z' because it's been that long! 

Written while listening to GALNERYUS' "Lament"

Written by Jeff Bushaw