1:11PM Orange County, California Time

I have been forgetting pretty consistently to post here! A little about me, I have been working on my other site/business Promoting Humans for the past few days.  

I found out recently that my vitamin D level is a little on the lower side and much lower than I'd like it to be. Since I stopped taking supplements it's decreased about 20 units of measurement. I have had the idea to get all of it from the sun and this tells me to spend much more time in the sun. So that is what I'll be doing! 

I am presently cooking a steak that I will be consuming shortly. I'll put Great Lakes Gelatin collagen powder on it and maybe I'll eat some cold honey afterwards. No salt today, I'm experimenting! Then Mattole Valley colostrum powder. 

Written while listening to "A Far-Off Distance (Rainbow Mix)" by GALNERYUS

Written by Jeff Bushaw