4:53PM Orange County, California Time

Hellooooooo on post number 65! I am surprised and happy that I have posted this much, albeit there have been a few days in between posts when I have forgotten. A little about me, I love to draw and I've started a new drawing that will feature more of me with different-and-ridiculous hairstyles and glasses. I'm having fun with it.

I'll be cooing a steak soon and I am going to be testing out egg yolks sometime soon to see how I react to them. How I will know if I have a problem will be if my psoriasis gets more pronounced. I haven't eaten egg yolks in about 6 months, I think, and I'll be starting slow, with only 1 or 2 at a time. If I can handle that I'll go back to my usual 5 or 6 a day. On my last intracellular nutrient panel I was borderline deficient in choline and egg yolks will help bolster that number if I can tolerate them. 

Written while listening to "Lament" by GALNERYUS, whom I have found is a wonderful band to write, draw, and design to. I have also found the band Onmyouza to have similar focusing-powers. 

I appreciate you! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw