Daily Thoughts At Noon Also Posted At Noon Hopefully Everyday If I Remember DAY 1

12:28PM Orange County, California Time

Ok, I am a little late today and a lot earlier than I thought I'd be yesterday, because I thought I'd forget altogether.

I thought that thoughts would just come to me... Let's see. Fedex delivered the 12 steaks I ordered to a different address, so that's been something I had to deal with this morning, they're suppose to retrieve the box and deliver it here sometime today. We'll see! 

I'll be sending some emails and having a conversation with one of my best friends, Ali.

Hopefully I'll be eating one of these aforementioned steaks a little later on accompanied by some raw liver. How do you like your liver?

Presently on the HomePod is "The Afterman" by Coheed and Cambria.

That's all for now!! Thank you for reading! 

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