1:09PM Orange County, California Time 

I survived the scrotum and woke up at a decent time today, around 9. I am slowly working my wake up time to around 5. 

I just got off of a spectacular Zoom call with a spectacular individual that I met in the FMCA Health Coaching program I am involved in, and will hopefully graduate from in a month's time. I will know if I passed my final on the 29th of next week. Back to this spectacular human in my program, I have known her for 11 months, coached her, been coached by her, observed her coach, and every time I am in her atmosphere I am learning, inspired, and impressed. She and I have been supporting each other in planning our future steps and we meet every Friday to discuss our goals, life happenings, and miscellaneous pieces of helpful information that we think may be able to benefit one another. I have found such a enriched feeling of connection with the people I'm surrounded by in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and I am very grateful for the friends I've made there.

Of course, I appreciate you too! Let's have a conversation!!

Written while listening to LoFi Hip Hop by ChilledCow on iTunes Music https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/lofi-hip-hop-music-beats-to-relax-study-to/pl.u-2aoq8mqiGo7J6A0 

Written by Jeff Bushaw