5:21PM Orange County, California Time

As a steak cooks, I type. I sit listening to the song "Ms" by alt-J, my head sways back and forth to the dreamy bells, vocals, and guitar. I think their whole album An Awesome Wave is wonderful. Thank you NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts for pointing me in this direction. I think I've been listening to this album on repeat for the past 5 days without much variation. These days I will occasionally listen to ARASHI, Hiromi Iwasaki, Oatmello, and ChilledCow however An Awesome Wave has definitely been on the majority of the time. I did the same with Crazy Ken Band not too long ago, except with the entire discography that is available on Apple Music. I'm curious what I will play next, I think I'm headed in a Reggae direction which has always been to me. This was a music heavy post.

Oh and tomorrow I find out if I am loving the look of the new shirts...... I am assuming I'll be posting about it tomorrow. 

I hope I get good sleep tonight. I appreciate you! 

Beef ribeye steak and lamb kidney for dinner. Hooray for my nutrition!