11:59AM Orange County, California Time

Noon came swiftly today, probably because I woke up later than I wanted to. The sleep score on my Oura ring was better than it has been lately so there was one great thing that waking up later was good for! I had a steak and some water, and subsequent to this post I will have some honey from Primal Pastures. 

I'm excited to watch the film Crazy Rich Asians with a friend over Zoom tonight. Until that I will be planning my shirt launch, ordering more stickers for said shirt launch, getting some sunlight, eating later, drinking much water, making a sauna appointment, and who knows what else! 

Written while listening to "Close Up" by Hiromi Iwasaki, https://youtu.be/cNpTLtEbLpw. Reggae hasn't made it's way back into my life like I thought it would have by now, cause Jah9, https://youtu.be/HC4o0Qn5D5M and Koffee, https://youtu.be/0Cmzn8BIOdA are incredible to my ears and brain. And if you'd like another "if you're interested" link today it is from a Japanese Reggae artist called Peter Man, https://youtu.be/h59B7R6PHEM if you're interested. 

I appreciate you!