11:45AM Orange County, California Time 

Good before noon, friends! 

I didn't have much sleep last nigh, which is the opposite of what I want however my mindset is one of growth and positivity. Life is strange, the way things go. We can plan as much as we want then things happen sometimes that contrast the ideals we have. Where I am in my life presently is a place of an appreciation for situations no matter how they unfold. 

I have been making some pretty large-for-this-site site changes that include a tour of the clothing manufacturer in LA that makes my shirts, Groceries Apparel, an updated Homepage, an updated Short Story page, and a new CALIFORNIA STYLE MAGAZINE page which was a privilege to be included in. 

Watching Crazy Rich Asians didn't happen last night and what transpired instead was one of the most meaningful conversations I have had. Thank you, Friend!

Written while eating 43g of honey after a muscle–exhausting X3 workout, listening to "I Like It" by DeBarge, https://youtu.be/VqaKisKIyUo. Another one of my favorites by DeBarge from the film The Last Dragon, "Rhythm Of The Night," https://youtu.be/cAQSZhazYk8 if you're interested, or perhaps you know it and are already singing it in you head or out loud!

Also my workout music for today was Bootsy Collins' "I'd Rather Be With You," https://youtu.be/OS9Q21NYzcg as well as Billy Ocean's "Lover Boy," https://youtu.be/tyrowWnlNnQ, of course, if you're interested. 

I appreciate you!