PM Orange County, California Time

My dinner guest tonight, by way of his podcast, was Paul Saladino, https://youtu.be/mSuZ2E-FEoM a spectacular doctor that I have been paying attention to since last September when I began the carnivore diet. He wrote a book called The Carnivore Code which I am on the last chapter of. His writing is just like his speaking which to me is inviting, engaging, and informationally dense. He advances many thoughts he's had about the demonization of red meats and saturated fats in such a way that is understandable. I had the opportunity of talking to Paul on Zoom for a consultation last November and I am looking at getting another consult soon. I would anyone getting into a carnivore diet to check Paul out, https://carnivoremd.com. Additionally, Shawn Baker is a fantastic man that runs MeatRx and has his own YouTube channel, https://youtu.be/U5dTKRGeHag, and while we are on the topic there is a man called Ivor Cummins that is doing fantastic work and trying to create an understanding of cholesterol, https://youtu.be/9N7CvW1Jqes.

I didn't necessarily desire to make this a carnivore-heavy post and one thing leads to another so that's why it became an espousal of my preferences. 

Earlier than my meal I was on the phone with a fantastic friend that I will be hanging out with tomorrow morning, which I am pretty excited about. She has been an individual that I have trusted and relied on for perspectives and friendship. Tomorrow will be some sunlight is in store provided California provides the sunlight. 

Tonight's meal was a ribeye steak from US Wellness meats, and bone marrow from Belcampo. Salt from Redmond Real Salt that I bought a pound of and put into glass containers. My water, as always, is exclusively Mountain Valley Spring.

Written to Hiromi Iwasaki singing "Hitoyo No Koi," https://music.apple.com/us/album/hitoyo-no-koi/255344962?i=255348552 if you're interested.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you!