7:01PM Orange County, California Time

I had my very last live health coaching class today and it is a feeling of excitement that I am one day closer to my certification and one day closer to professionally supporting people. I have been in the FMCA program for a year and have loved the transformation I have seen in myself and in my cohorts. I feel like I have another family and I am so grateful to them and the humans involved in the Academy. This program has improved the way I communicate in ways I can't really communicate! I'll try- the program, staff, and course facilitators have increased my ability to connect with people in a more meaningful way than was ever available to me before. The deeper connection I have felt I have had has enriched my life in such a way that I feel fulfilled and full of energy when in a conversation; it's the feeling of "this is right where I want to be and nowhere else." My listening skills have improved, as has my ability to not think about anything while someone is talking to me so I can be fully present and show up for them in a helpful way. These skills have an impact in all areas of my life far beyond the desire to promote people's health as a career. 

If you are interested, here is their site https://functionalmedicinecoaching.org

I appreciate you, thank you for reading. I am about to eat a steak and then have a fantastic Zoom call with a friend. Oh speaking of friends I already had one fantastic Zoom call today with an individual that I met through the FMCA course and she has become one of my best friends over the past year. Thank you to her, I love her, I admire, and appreciate her! 

My final thought is that I personally gained so much by being in a program that is all about supporting other people and by being in the atmosphere of people that have a strong desire to support other people. I think of the saying "the more you give the more you get" and in the past those words didn't make sense however now I believe I fully feel what they mean– for me it's a sense of fulfillment because I give my time, focus, and attention to the people I connect with whether it be someone I know or someone that I'm talking to because they are working behind the desk in a place I am at, or interested in. And I am now much more grateful for the time that others spend with me regardless of the activity. Speaking of activities have you ever spent 5 minutes with another person in silence staring at each other's faces while sitting about two feet apart? My experience with it has been profound and I recommend it. 

Written while writing this post and listening to the Katamari Damacy soundtrack https://youtu.be/QAA6hq9RL-4

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you!