3:19PM Orange County, California Time

Hello and welcome to my post for today. It's a wonderful day because of such phenomenon as, I woke up today, my family woke up today, and as far as I know my friends woke up today too! There was steak consumption, which I am always grateful for. And I had a Zoom call with a wonderful friend that has a non-profit business called World Skateboarding Health Foundation that I am partnering with for my Recks shirt when I get to production runs. I'm very excited about this opportunity because I believe in this dude.

In my ClothingOnHumans life I am waiting some 100% recycled shipping boxes, a roll of luxurious 100% recycled packing paper, and a new set of stickers to come in. Additionally I have some new plans in the works in regards to fun stuff I want to give to people. 

In other life I didn't get much sleep and haven't been gettin much sleep lately for a few reasons I can think of. I worked out today and I can't remember if I worked out to music or not. huh. Lastly, I have a Zoom call at 8PM tonight that I am very very very very excited about with a very special person to me! And I can hardly wait, I am however obviously waiting because that is my only option. Writing about it here helps, and thank you for the space allowing me to do so! 

Written while listening to and singing along with Alice In Chains' "Nutshell" and afterword Remioromen's "Akanezora."

I appreciate you!! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw