3:35PM Orange County, California Time

Ooooooh I had such a fantastic phone call with Yoko, photographer and friend, https://www.yokomorimoto.com. We caught up for about an hour and then planned a photoshoot for the new shirt. I love talking to Yoko, and I love working with her. Sooooooooon I will have pictures of the shirt as well as a video, or 3, or 4 on the site as well. 

Plus I'll be building a new site and I will be announcing it on my mailing list! 

In other Jeff news I got my steaks by Fedex Overnight and consumed one very soon afterwards. Us Wellness Meats, where I got the steaks from, offers free shipping, which I am fond of. 

Written while listening to Anderson .Paak at the Tiny Desk https://youtu.be/ferZnZ0_rSM, if you're interested. 


Written by Jeff Bushaw