6:27PM Orange County, California Time

Hello, I'm sweating because it's hot in California and I am sitting in a house without the air conditioner on! Why, you may ask? The air conditioner doesn't work that well and even when it is on the temperature still rises. So, I sweat... What are the silver linings, you may ask? Sweating is detoxing my system, though, much less than a sauna.

I accidentally fell asleep today after my workout. Sometimes heavy leg workouts make me feel sick so I laid down and next thing I knew it was 38 minutes later. I still feel a little ill in my intestines and I think it is the chronic sleep loss I have mixed with an unsolicited nap. My gut bacteria are not happy with me and they are very vocal about it. I appreciate and accept them anyways. 

Written while listening to "God Palace" by Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, a band I highly recommend if you are a lover of the blend of long ballads, classical instruments, beautiful vocals, and heavy metal. 

I appreciate you!

Written by Jeff Bushaw