10:18PM Orange County, California Time

I was reminded by a best friend that I forgot to write today and I suspect I would have forgot altogether if she hadn't mentioned it. Her actions tonight remind me that a supportive community is very important to have for a human, and really, for almost any animal. We as social animals get so much out of authentic personal connection that can't really be substituted. I've believed that humans require humans to live well and the research that is coming out is backing that up. It is my hope that everyone in the world has friends that are as caring, as outstanding, and as thoughtful as the friend that reminded me I hadn't posted yet. To her I say THANK YOUUUUUU!!!  If you don't have many authentic connections that you feel fulfill you I would love to hear from you and we could have a discussion about it!  

In Jeff news I had a Zoom call, sent a robust email out, connected with classmates, wrote an outline to a video I'll be shooting with Yoko at the end of the month, took the trash out, drank a lot of water, ate a steak, liver, heart, suet, fish eggs, and I fell asleep 3 times this afternoon– once around 1PM because I had headache for some reason, twice around 4:30 because I worked out with X3 and was so tired from it, and afterwards I woke up then went back to sleep soon after for the third time. This is after having 8.5 hours of sleep the night before. I think what added to my fatigue is that it was 92ºF in the house today... I would not wish anyone to experience this indoor temperature. 

Oh!!! And the custom-sized shipping boxes and new set of stickers will arrive tomorrow! And the Post Office declined to renew my PO Box because I had my old apartment's address as the billing address so I updated it! 

Written while listening to "Midnight Deja vu - Shikisai No Blues" by EGO-WRAPPIN'

I appreciate you! 

Written by Jeff Bushaw