2:32PM Orange County, California Time

 Today, the 8th day. I am presently eagerly awaiting a 3lb jar of honey to be delivered by FedEx, from Primal Pastures, whom has some the best foods I've eaten. I have taken a break from eggs so I could see if they were psoriasis trigger in me and I am seeing that they could have been complicit in keeping it around. Once I start to eat eggs again, or more specifically, egg yolks I will be sourcing them from Primal Pastures. Their chickens raised on a pasture in Southern California and are soy and corn free which are things I look out for. Primalpastures.com if you're interested. 

I had a  visit with one of the doctors from Vitality Wellness Clinic yesterday and we went over a lot of results. This was a huge test to see how my body was doing on a carnivore diet without the use of supplements. One of the labs I got is a Diagnostic Solutions GI Map, which I would recommend to anyone. This is a test that measures pathogens, yeasts, viruses, various markers of digestion, and many other things. It turns out from whatever source I got it from I have two different bacterial infections, which isn't great. What is great is that I know and am taking care of it. I believe it will be gone in a month or so.

Another panel I got was a SpectraCell Micronutrient Panel which measures intracellular vitamins and minerals like the B vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, among others. It's a pretty comprehensive panel that I would also recommend. I have been low in B12 for a while and still am. CoQ10 I am also low in presently which is the first time I have been deficient in it. I have a few additional markers that were low and my takeaway is to consistently eat more organs– heart, liver, spleen, pancreases, kidney. Presently I am thawing beef liver and a lamb testicle. Woo for nutrients!

I appreciate you!   

Written by Jeff Bushaw