6:30PM Orange County, California Time

I believe in yesterday's(?) post I mentioned that I had purchased a lamb testicle for consumption and to promote my health. I am here to report that it tastes like nothing. I sliced it into what I am now calling "Scrotum Discs, Scrot Circles, or Testicle Turntables" and cooked it to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. When they came out they looked like suction cups because they shrank; they were concave too. So, these discs taste like nothing– eating these is like eating dense texture. Imagine that. They're not unpleasant or pleasant, they just are. Many organs have a very distinct flavor and it was interesting that these didn't. I unfortunately didn't try them raw so I'll have to report back on that.

Dinner tonight was about 425g of beef ribeye, about 105g beef liver, about 93g lamb testicle, and about 20g honey. I estimated the weights of all of the foods! 

I hope you don't mind the food-centric post tonight! And I appreciate you even if you did! 

Written with dinner in front of me and while listening to "Japanese City Pop, Soul and Jazz Vinyl Set" by YouTube channel My Analog Journal. Here is the link if you're interested https://youtu.be/pwa4U0ccECY

Written by Jeff Bushaw