5:55PM Orange County, California Time

Hello! It's nice to be back. After 13 consecutive days of illustrating a zombie for 10+ hours a day I am posting once again! I have completed the art and this morning turned it into the printer to get it printed on a dark gray shirt. I will have a picture up before the week is over. 

I have decided to experiment with carbohydrates and I have chosen the orange sweet potatoes. I wanted to see if I felt a noticeable difference in my energy and mood. I have also began drinking coffee again, although I'm not really enjoying the taste. I can either see myself continuing and getting more involved by doing pour overs like I used to or discontinuing drinking it altogether. 

OH and I just got a new set of stickers in with another set coming in next week. I am looking forward to getting them out into the world! 

Written while listening to the sound of the oven.

Written by Jeff Bushaw

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