I Was More Patient Than I Thought!

I ended up going to sleep at a decent time Monday night even though I had access to the film. I watched The New Mutants on Tuesday while I ate a steak. I enjoyed the steak very, very much. I have been enjoying the Nathan Fillion show Castle lately.

I'm thinking I'll get the shirt today.... We'll see! 

I've got some plans for a free group Zoom chat about the frustration for the new lockdowns and I will post some info in this blog if I decide to go forward with it. 

Oh and I decided to abandon sweet potatoes and anything with fiber, or fibre, for our Queen's English-speaking friends. I have had some sharp pain in my intestines as a result of eating them. How do I know it is from fiber? I cut it out of my diet altogether and the pain ceased. I am continuing to experiment with dairy and just to prove to myself that the fat from dairy isn't an issue I drank about 9oz raw cream from Organic Pastures Dairy, ate 3 egg yolks from Fermentation Farm with 3 tablespoons of raw butter also from Organic Pastures Dairy within an hour or hour and a half and didn't have any issue. Saturated fat has been exonerated. Welcome to my life, dairy fat! 

Written while listening to George Lam's 在水中央, which I recommend highly because it has the most amusing mouth sounds in the background, if you're interested... 


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