Hello to all! As the subject line says I haven't gotten the new shirt back from the printer yet, I feel like it will be available tomorrow. I believe I will have it up by the end of the week. 

Also, I got 2 new stickers that I will be sending out with every shirt purchase!! I have been very very excited about these two. 

Also, New Mutants comes out tomorrow, the 17th. Hopefully Apple will release it tonight so I can watch it further enabling and reinforcing my impatience!

Written while listening to the sound of me chewing on my first bite of a 16oz beef ribeye from Buyranchdirect.com that has a beautiful amount of fat, which human biology luuuuuuuvs.

Also also also in an effort to cook steaks better I ordered a Cinder grill recently. It will be here around the first week of December and I will update this blog with my thought and maybe some pictures! https://www.cindergrill.com if you're interested.


I appreciate you!

Written by Jeff Bushaw