Product Pages

Since Monday I have been working on my product pages trying to get them ready for the new shirts I will be releasing hopefully this week, however more likely next week. I've been creative writing, formatting, and doing back-end work. It's been a lot and I am happy with my progress!

Tomorrow I am going to be spending some time with my friend Jordu down at his studio. We will be cooking some Wagyu steaks that are 100% grass fed from Frankie's Free Range Meats if you're interested. Also from Frankie's I got some lamb liver, testicles, and brain. UPS tracking purports that I will be receiving my shipment today and I am looking very forward to it. The brain in particular I have been looking forward to because I have been looking for brain on and off for a year. I initially settled for the Ancestral Supplements desiccated brain and liver pills however I longed for an intact brain I could consume. I will finally get it and I will update the blog with how it turns out!

Written while listening to "KouGa Ninpouchou" by Onmyo-za