I am a proponent of self-experimentation that generally manifests itself as diet, supplementation, and exercise changes that either produce results that make me feel amazing, horrible, or something in between with a headache. When I was on a ketogenic diet I had seemingly boundless energy however I was doing it unsupervised and self-guided and in the later months I began to feel the opposite. I was intermittent fasting and I felt great, then just good, then I found out I had adrenal fatigue and was told to stop fasting, so I did. I then transitioned into a diet of eating mostly balanced meals of meats, vegetables, and fat. Subsequent to that I began eating more plants, nuts, seeds, and fat, with very little emphasis on animal protein. I don't feel as amazing now as I know I can, so, as of today have decided and have already begun to shift to The Carnivore Diet which is a nose-to-tail approach to eating an animal. I have invested some time researching it and it is compelling. I think this diet will give me the internal atmosphere that I have been seeking for years. I will be doing a 2:1 fat to protein ratio with at least an ounce of some animal's liver a day with a mixture of many other organs, fish and eggs. The animals will come from buyranchdirect.com, primalpastures.com, vitalchoice.com, and 5barbeef.com. I love these companies and I recommend checking them out. I will update the blog as changes occur. 


Written by Jeff Bushaw