Pictured below are the early sketches I could find in my older sketchpads and on the computer.

Back in 2005/6 Tubular Recks got his start as "... 'N' Dino" in various situations he was Rock 'N' Dino, Jog 'N' Dino, Bowl 'N' Dino, Poppin 'N' Dino, and a handful of other names over the years! In the composite below there are sketches dating back from 2006 to 2015 I believe. I wasn't real big on dating my books which I now consider unhelpful. This is Tubular's graphite and paper beginning...
every Dino has an origin story

When I got the idea to Illustrate "...'N' Dino" as my first design for ClothingOnHumans I had to reimagine him in a higher resolution with more detail than I had drawn him before and with an actual name! I knew he was radical and I knew I wanted to incorporate T. Rex in the name somehow. In these illustrations I am figuring out shapes, his posture, style, attitude, and his overall look. On the bottom right of the page I am experimenting with different ways of spelling his name.ย 
more refined pencil sketches

I picked the most fully realized sketches out of the 70 I did in Photoshop. Some were circles and lines, and some were shapes that I made to figure out his head shape. I was also experimenting with the color green and since I hadn't drawn him in color before I was checking out how that felt. I knew I wanted green and ย yellow for the body and orange hair for contrast.ย 
Recks went digital for better results

I scanned, duplicated and printed out several of the bottom of the first final drawing and I attempted to style the word "Tubular" to see if I would like it. Because I didn't like how the words were over the skateboard I decided to draw the concrete wave. I drew the concrete wave separate from Recks the first time I illustrated it. You can see a few of the drawings I did to figure out what shape I liked for it.ย 
ride the concrete wave with me

In the next few pictures I have several renditions of Recks' stylized name because I knew I wanted to use it for the shirt's back tag. Even though I'm really interested in it and I have a challenging time designing text and it took more sketches than Recks himself took. Plus I wanted these letters to capture the essence of the character so that was an added challenge.ย 
All this writing part I

I tried rounded letters, goofy letters, blocky letters, letters with perspective, and letters with depth.ย 
all this writing part II

Here I tried some letters with perspective in black and white and then I came to the letters I was happy with and they are featured in color. After I styled the letters and was happy with them I took them into Illustrator, made them vector art, and then colored them. It took me a while to settle on the pink, blue, and yellow that I ended with.ย 
all this writing digital edition

Below are the original drawings for Bonesface. The one to the left is the very first one I did a few years ago and the one to the right is the one I drew later on when I forgot what the first drawing looked like. I had no idea I would be using this character for anything and now that I have weaved him into the Recks story he fits into the world like he was always intended to be there. Chronologically in in my reality Bonesface came before Recks had his final design and name. I think I took inspiration from these drawings when I was designing him.ย 
Original Bonesface artwork here

Thank you for looking, the end.

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