I have always enjoyed putting designs on clothing. My first design was when I was in high school back in 1997. Famous Amos cookies were popular in the vending machines (and I didn't know not to eat garbage back then) so I bought a bag, for what was an expensive $1.25 and ate the contents. Then scanned the bag into the apple G2 or G3 and altered the letters in a very early version of Photoshop to read Famous Anus Cookies - Chocolate Chip Cookies. I then got a forest green shirt for about $2.00 (I was also unaware that clothing with garbage in it existed) and silkscreened the artwork in white. The design and the ability to put it on something I could wear was hilarious to me and I probably wore that shirt multiple times a week for a few years. Amusing-to-me-designs on shirts was born. I got some compliments on the design as well, much more that I thought I would.  

I later got into heat transfers which enabled me to design, print and put the designs on the shirts within a day. I was doing design with me naked as imps and devils in Illustrator, I was illustrating animals, words, and anything else I could think of that would produce a chuckle. 

My path led me to start an official-to-the-government clothing line in 2005 called 'norilla'. It was a love of mine. I produced a few hundred shirts over some years, and ended up giving many away to friends and family because they weren't "perfect." I still have some left. 

Fast forward in life and norilla is dormant. I had a full time job as a graphic artist in the printing industry. I made a feature film with my brother that took 3 years and it ended up on iTunes for a few years, I then co-invented a device cleaner, also with my brother. A few years after that I started on a health journey that led me to organic clothing. Once I read about organic cotton and I fell in love because the reasons for buying organic were so compelling and I saw no other way forward. I decided then that I would start a new brand, close down norilla and start over with health, humanity, and the earth in mind. That became ClothingOnHumans and that is what I am doing here.  

Thank you for reading, Jeff