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The Broken Brain Podcast 
The Doctor's Farmacy
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The Healthy Heart Podcast
The Empowering Neurologist
Biohacker's Podcast
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Optimal Performance Podcast
The Tim Ferris Show
10% Happier Podcast
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The Hacking Of The American Mind - Robert H. Lustig
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves
Invisible Influence - Jonah Berger
This Messy Magnificent Life - Geneen Roth
How To Change Your Mind - Michael Pollan
Give And Take - Adam M. Grant 
Game Changers - Dave Asprey
The Beauty Of Dirty Skin - Whitney Bowe & Kristin Loberg
You Can Fix Your Brain - Tom O'Bryan & Mark Hyman
The Paleo Cardiologist - Jack Wolfson
The Autoimmune Fix - Tom O'Bryan
Full Catastrophe Living - John Kabat-Zinn
The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan - David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg
The 4-Hour Body - Tim Ferris
10% Happier - Dan Harris
Eat Fat Get Thin - Mark Hyman
The Headspace Guide To Meditation And Mindfulness - Andy Puddicombe
Mindset - Carol S. Dweck
Gut - Malik Johnson
Messy - Tim Harford
Lying - Sam Harris
Waking Up - Sam Harris
Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker
Undoctored - William Davis
Fat For Fuel - Joseph Mercola
Fat For Fuel Cookbook - Joseph Mercola
Bulletproof Diet - Dave Asprey
Head Strong - Dave Asprey
Improving Brain Function, Memory And Consciousness - Thomas D. Edison
Why Isn't My Brain Working - Datis Kharrazian
Power Up Your Brain - David Perlmutter
Body By Science - John R. Little & Doug McGuff
Make Peace With Your Mind - Mark Coleman
Untangling Self - Andrew Olendzki
When Listening Comes Alive - Paul Maduaule
Love You Forever - Robert Munsch
Life's Journey According To Mister Rogers - Fred Rogers
Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself - Joe Dispenza
Younger Next Year - Chris Crowley
Healing Is Voltage - 
The Ultimate Guide To Fasting - Jason Fung
The Big Fat Surprise - 
The Four-Hour Chef - Tim Ferris
The Art And Science To Low Carbohydrate Living - Jeffrey Volek
The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Performance - Jeffrey Volek
The Manual - Epictetus
Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
Brainsave - Titus Chiu


Waking Up - Sam Harris
Headspace - Andy Puddicombe 
10% Happier - Dan Harris
Cronometer - Nutrition Tracker


Oura Ring - HR, HRV, Respiration Sleep Tracker
Dreem Headband - Brainwave Sleep Tracker
Ketonix - Breath Acetone Meter


The Five-Minute Journal - Intelligent Change
Productivity Planner - Intelligent Change
Planner Of The Present - Promoting Humans
Moleskin Notebook - Moleskin
High Performance Planner - Brendon Burchard


Perspire Sauna Studio - Infrared Sauna
Newport Float Therapy - Sensory Depravation Tank
Upgrade Labs - Technologically Advanced 
Parsley Health - Network Of Nationwide Functional Medicine Doctors


Vitality Natural Healthcare
Natural Stacks
Quicksilver Scientifics
Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Sun Horse
Touchstone Essentials