Organic Matters To Our Biology

Here are some resources if you want to dive into how non-organic cotton can upset your body's processes and cause harm. It is overwhelmingly, and comically unfortunate to humanity that even with all of the longterm research that this is allowed to continue in the world. I ask "Why?"
The same information goes for foods, for your health I would recommend buying organic and/or going to a farmer's market and beginning a relationship with a farmer. 

I would love to see that all produce and animals that you allow to nourish your system be as prehistorically cultivated and raised as possible. Below are some handy questions to let you know if you will be upgrading or downgrading your biology after the food enters your system.

Questions for produce-

Do you grow what you are selling?
Hopeful answer: "Yes"

Do you use any sprays, herbicides or pesticides? 
Hopeful answer: "None at all"

Is this produce Non-GMO? 
Hopeful answer: "Not at all"

Where does your water come from? 
Hopeful answer: "From a well that isn't linked to a major city system"

Questions for animal products-

What are the living conditions for the animals?
Hopeful answer: "Practically wild. They spend their time outdoors and eat what they would naturally eat. The beef is pasture raised, grass fed and grass finished. The chicken is pasture raised, forages on its natural diet and scratches and pecks at the ground all day. The pork is pasture raised and allowed to forage on everything, cause that's what pigs do!"

Is the supplemental feed (if used) soy free?
Hopeful answer: "Yes, we use no soy at all"

Is the supplemental feed (if used) Non-GMO?
Hopeful answer: "Yes, we only use non modified feed"

Do you feed your chickens grains or corn? 
Hopeful answer: "No"

Do you give any animal antibiotics?
Hopeful answer: "Never, we are against it"

Do you give your animals hormones?
Hopeful answer: "Never, we are against that too"

Here are some fantastic resources from farmers and companies I trust to promote my health for beef, chicken, pork, bison, lamb:





Olive oil:




Psyllium Husk:


Fermented Foods and More:

Mushrooms and More:

Black Garlic:




Spirulina and Chlorella:


Mouth Care:

Bedding, Towels and Additional Organic Items:


Relaxation and Beyond: