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- All shirts are Unisex 

- Idea, planning, and illustration by me, Jeff /, at ClothingOnHumans in Orange County, California 

- GOTS Certified, fully traceable 100% organic cotton 

- Free of very toxic "forever chemicals"

- Non-bleach whitened 

- Made by 100% adults and 0% children

- Sewn in Los Angeles by Groceries Apparel

- DTG printing by T-Shirt Storm in California

- Low-cost-to-potentially-free shipping to the "Touching States Of America" via USPS in a 100% recycled box made by EcoEnclose in Colorado

- Directly supports this one-person business and the artists I collaborate with

- Stands up to the wasteful, conventional, fast-fashion clothing industry

- Ready to ship now!


Whimsical Story – 

In early 1980 a group of individuals began to exercise certain culinary freedoms that had been, up until then, a thing of the ancient world. What began in secret soon emerged in homes, then bars, and high-end restaurants were soon after. With such widespread recognition of this phenomenon a group was formed in 1981 to oversee this new industry's quality. They were known as the Modern Cannibal Society. 

In June of 1986 a company adopting the very straightforward name "Cannibal's Soup" was formed by partners Clows Thread, Royland Garner, Tommis Floyrant, and Isabelle Shob, Clows' sister.  After meeting one night for a meal at Tommis' home they kept discussing their shared love of food. They got on the topic of the recent resurgence of the "modern cannibal." The question soon put into the air was simple and provocative "What do you guys think of eating people?" One laughed while the other two were more silent as they retreated into their minds giving the question thought as if they were taking it a little more serious. After some moments of auditory silence and with the feeling of a kind of electricity in the air Royland said "Yeah, I'd try people." They all looked at each other, Tommis smirked and let out a lighthearted chortle, Clows said "I could see that," and Isabelle said "Let's do it." 

A few weeks later and no one mentioned it in the friend group. They had gotten together a few time since that night and there hadn't been any mention of it. The next time they got together Isabelle brought a little unassuming opaque ceramic container with a lid and asked to use the oven. She then removed it from the oven and on her way to the table walked past the three guys. As soon as she passed their nostrils began to intake the savory aroma and they started asking overlapping questions. Isabelle didn't answer any of them and instead said "Does anyone want to try human?" The men's eyes widened and their mouths fell open in disbelief. Royland was the first to speak. He said "Ok," and he along with the other two men pierced the meat each with the toothpick supplied by Isabelle. All 3 men put the meat hunk into their mouths at the same time and began to chew. After just a few moments of mastication they universally began to smile, laugh, and exclaim how delicious it was. It seemed like for the rest of the night, over and over, Isabelle was getting asked the same question "That was seriously person meat?!" to which she always supplied the same affirmative answer to.

Hours later over coffee they were still buzzing with excitement over the morsels of "man" they consumed earlier and they were spouting out idea after idea, with many ideas not even relating to food at all. One idea came from Clows that put a stop to the outpouring, he said "Wouldn't it be cool if we could make other people in the world feel like we did after eating a bit of person?" They agreed, nodding with wide smiles. "Let's make a company, A FOOD COMPANY!" Tommis exclaimed. The others chimed in, "We we we could have different cuts, like a butcher shop!" "We could serve the organs too, and make pate!" "We could make a gourmet restaurant with a delivery service and everything! They went on and on and the ideas kept coming. As they tried to work out the details of this company and the vast menu they could serve the ideas started to feel heavy, complicated, and cumbersome. There was a lull in the energy and they went silent... "Let's make soup, just throw in the parts we want and make a delicious and hearty meal!!" Isabelle said, and just like that the energy had surpassed its previous height! 

The very next day the work began. They went into Tommis' two car garage and started working on the picking, measuring, and combining of ingredients and recording everything they did on a quest to make the world's best human-parts soup. They spent months in that garage in nights and on weekends. They had tables lined up and at least a dozen pots with their contents boiling at any given time. Most of the time was spent adjusting, adding, subtracting, weighing, calculating, eyeballing, pouring, and sprinkling followed by taste tests. After hundreds of batches the group came to one... number 422. They knew they had something. They went a little past just to see if they could make it better but none of them compared to 422.

They officially incorporated and registered the name Cannibal's Soup in March of 1886 and finally emerged from that garage with a winning can of soup. 

The Illustrator – 


About The Shirt –

100% Organic Cotton Made By Groceries Apparel and in their words– We manufacture in our own Los Angeles, CA factory to ensure our standards are fully executed. Vertically-integrated, local, and traceable production maximizes quality, efficiency, and employee pay, and minimizes redundancy, waste and our carbon footprint.

DTG printing by T-Shirt Storm in Orange County with water-based inks.


The Shipping Box And What's In It – 

Packing supplies by EcoEnclose and all printing by greenerprinter. Packed by me, and shipped by USPS Priority.


Shipping Time –  

It is my goal to ship shirts as soon after they get ordered as I can, usually on the same day or the subsequent day.