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- All shirts are Unisex 

- Idea and planning by, Jeff / floppyprince@aol.com, at ClothingOnHumans in Orange County, California

- Illustration by Shticky in California 

- GOTS Certified, fully traceable 100% organic cotton 

- Free of toxic "forever chemicals"

- Non-bleach Whitened 

- Made by 100% adults and 0% children

- Sewn in Los Angeles by Groceries Apparel

- DTG printing by T-Shirt Storm in California

- Low-cost-to-potentially-free shipping to the "Touching States Of America" via USPS in a 100% recycled box made by EcoEnclose in Colorado

- Directly supports this one-person business and the artists I collaborate with

- Stands up to the wasteful, conventional, fast-fashion clothing industry

- Ready to ship now!


Whimsical Story –

This Gentleman Hippo is a worldwide figure and comes from the region of Benin Sr. in West Africa. He travels from place to place around the world publicly speaking about Hominins-Animalia Sapiens (Sapiens Sapiens) and the positive impact they must have on the Earth now or else terrible events will transpire threatening all life in the near future. He cares greatly for people and has made it his life's duty to connect with as many people as possible. He has authored many books,won many awards, and holds many certifications as well as a PhD however he doesn't wish to be called 'Doctor' and would like his work to speak for itself. He has cut ribbons with oversized scissors at opening ceremonies, has broken champagne bottles on the bows of boats, and he has even explored the great pyramids where he found a burial chamber that had been hidden for over 9,002 years. He is currently the subject of a successfully crowdfunded documentary about his efforts. The documentary team was also able to have many stretch goals.  

Actual Background – 

It feels like a good amount of thoughts throughout my day are about mashing up words and creating shirt ideas based on them. The ideas mostly come out of my subconscious mind that I have no control over and this design came from a thought just like that. When I laugh at an idea every time I think about it I further my idea and if I laugh enough consecutive times I will start the in-depth planning of a shirt. I'll sketch it out on paper usually, figure out an artwork style and then match the artist to the style I have in mind. Then I will get the artwork back add text, make the back-label credits, and do any edits that I think will complete the shirt. 

The Illustrator –

The artist I wanted for this one was my friend of 20 years, Shticky https://www.behance.net/shticky and https://www.instagram.com/shtickyart/. He is an Adobe Partnered Streamer on Behance and an overall wonderful human, in my opinion. He loves retro video games, especially game from the Sega Genesis, and if you have any I suspect he would be interested in taking them off your hands. For this shirt I asked him to illustrate an anthropomorphic hippo that dresses like a 1920's southern gentleman. I gave him a very rough picture of a hippo's head on top of a very rough sketch of the suit I wanted, in Photoshop. About 13 years ago I asked him to draw a black and white version and the one he came up with, I thought, was outstanding. Then in later 2019 I asked him to revisit the character and produce colored version. He redrew the whole thing and I love this one even more than the first one. 

My Favorite Aspects Of The Art–

Shticky's use of color stands out to me the most. I love its vibrancy. I love the eye color, skin color, just all of the colors. Next is the little top hat and hair, and of course the mustache. 

About The Shirt –

100% Organic Cotton Made By Groceries Apparel and in their words– We manufacture in our own Los Angeles, CA factory to ensure our standards are fully executed. Vertically-integrated, local, and traceable production maximizes quality, efficiency, and employee pay, and minimizes redundancy, waste and our carbon footprint.

DTG printing by T-Shirt Storm in Orange County with water-based inks.


The Shipping Box And What's In It – 

Packing supplies by EcoEnclose and all printing by greenerprinter. Packed by me, and shipped by USPS Priority.


Shipping Time –  

It is my goal to ship shirts as soon after they get ordered as I can, usually on the same day or the subsequent day.